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When choosing which type of floor is the most suitable for your business there are a number of considerations to take into account.

  • Durability: How long will the floor last
  • Cost: apart from the initial purchase price how much are the expected maintenance and repair costs over the expected life of the floor
  • Safety: Are staff and visitors likely to slip or be exposed to dangerous fluids?
  • Aftercare: What are the ongoing floor care and labour costs?
  • Compliance: Will your new floor help you pass current health and safety legislation?

Anti Slip Floors

Almost any business is made safer for employees and visitors by ensuring your floors are slip resistant. No matter what type of workspace or industry our slip resistant flooring solutions can significantly help reduce your risk of slips and falls.

Waterproof Floors

Don’t let water, spills, floods and other unpredictable conditions damage or destroy your flooring. Our waterproof epoxy floor coating solutions will ensure that your floors are protected from water or fluid damage.

Commercial Kitchen Floor Coating Contractors

Extra Heavy-duty Floors

Many commercial facilities have at least one area where the floor needs to handle heavy loads, high impact, or extreme abrasion. Without a suitable heavy duty flooring solution your concrete surface is liable to crack, buckle or deteriorate.

UK Floor Coatings specialise in heavy duty epoxy flooring & coatings which will you give your surface the strength it needs to stand up to extreme pressure and heavy use.

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