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We specialise in providing commercial and industrial floor painting solutions. We use solvent free, chemically resistant, fast drying industrial quality floor paint suitable for medium to heavy traffic which has been designed to stand up to the demands of your commercial premises.

Our industrial floor paint is solvent free and offers a fast drying, chemically resistant finish (available in matt satin or gloss finishes) offering excellent protection on all types of concrete floors.

We can incorporate a wide variety of painting solutions which will minimise slips and trips, protect your floors against spills and provide you with a beautiful and highly functional finish designed to match your specific requirements.

Lines and markings on an industrial floor serve the purpose of directing traffic, alerting people about hazards and ensuring product is positioned correctly, however in general a factory or warehouse floor is an accident waiting to happen unless the floor is painted with an effective non slip or non skid product. This is especially important for warehouse stairs and steps which can be identified in a risk assessment as high accident risk areas.

UK Floor Coatings can advise and provide an effective floor painting solution that will minimise your risk of accidents and ensure that you are compliant with current health and safety legislation.

Factory Floor Painting

Floor Marking

All painters think they can provide industrial standard line marking, but few really effectively deliver a quality solution. Consider how effectively your work areas will function when the complete floor is marked out to allow an efficient flow of products and increase staff safety.. No worries about product being put where it doesn’t belong. Effective floor marking will result in increased production and safety.

Contact UK Floor Coatings to find out how we can improve your productivity and reduce the risk to your staff.


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